The employee in the center of a digital world.

We believe that the employee is the most important resource for a competitive organization in an rapidly evolving environment. We think that it is crucial for success to efficiently build, share and distribute knowledge within the workforce. As a starting point our solution delivers a solid answer to the question "Who knows what?".

Core Product: Knowledge Profiles

Detailed knowledge profiles for each employee

With our natural language processing software each employee receives a detailed knowledge profile based on daily work.

Different data sources draw a precise picture

Textual data like presentations, reports and documentations contain valuable information about topics and fields of expertise.


Modern natural language processing methods translate textual data into a detailed and context-related profile showing an employee's expertise.


The emlpoyee always keeps 100% control about analyzed data, results and visibility.


Results can be easily adjusted to the company language.

Application: Expert Search Engine

Find the experts in your Company

The main limits of collaboration are personal networks. We empower your employees to answer open questions by contacting co-workers with relevant knowledge. Overcome organizational boundaries and create a company wide collaboration network.

Application: Business Intelligence Solution

Strategic human capital management

Our Business intelligence solution provides a solid data foundation about knowledge resources within the company. The management is enabled to develop the workforce strategically.

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